How Great Turtle Rebuilt the World

Object theater for all

The mytheme of a giant turtle supporting or containing the world occurs in Chinese mythology and in Native American mythology. (The Great Turtle is the “continentvessel” that shelters humans in Chinese and North American mythology). In our story, he is guided on his mission by the grumpy Totem Tree, a musical structure whose branches hold a multitude of sonic surprises, and whose physical features are represented by musical instruments which evoke the masks and totems of indigenous civilizations of Western Canada.

The Sun and the Moon, two frame drums from Ireland and North America, watch over the world and keep it in good order. They complete the company of mythical characters who all speak through the voice of the narrator, as well as through their own musical voices.

How Great Turtle Rebuilt the World is a musical show for children, created by Sixtrum with director Michel G. Barette. Created in the Fall of 2009 in co-production with les Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, the show has already been presented to 35000 audience members in schools and theatres.

This show has been created in the form of a theatre of objects, which leads to the discovery of the diverse personalities of the percussion instruments – and their performers! – in an atmosphere that alternates between moments of quiet intimacy and frenzied rhythm. Our hero is also represented by a percussion instrument, the hang, similar in form to the actual animal.