6 marimbas

Six marimbas is the title of a work by Steve Reich, adapted in 1986 from his composition Six Pianos composed in 1973. A leading work of the repertoire for percussion, it is more rarely performed than other works (like Drumming for example) because of the particular ensemble of instruments required.

Other major composers have also written for this formation, such as Michael Levinas with Transir, in hommage to Fausto Romitelli, which uses Doppler effects to transform the natural harmonics of the six marimbas. Sixtrum will also present James Wood’s Cloud Polyphonies - Starlings in which he explores the extraordinary and acrobatic demonstrations made by starlings before migration, as well as a marimba choral by Canadian composer Jordan Nobles, Still Life.

In addition, Sixtrum asked composer Éric Champagne to create a new work to complete this highly original program, totally dedicated to this specific ensemble of instruments: Onde de choc!