6 Percussionists

6 Creators

6 Dimensions of percussion

Sixtrum invites you to discover 6D, a brand new show that reflects the rich diversity of the ensemble through music. Sixtrum will revisit classics (Drumming by Steve Reich, Pulau Dewata by Claude Vivier, 3rd Construction by John Cage), present new arrangements and orchestrations of traditional music (Fabrice Marandola), and premier exciting new original works by members of the ensemble (João Catalão, Julien Compagne, Sixtrum). Our favourite director Michel G. Barrette (La GrandeTortue, Exotica by Mauricio Kagel, Histoires de gestes...) will work his magic once again in staging this production. In 6D a new show is born of diverse musical influences.
Discover Sixtrum as creators; discover Sixtrum as never before!

Innovative and Accessible to All

6D is ideal for all listeners who are curious about discovering another side of percussion that crosses borders between new music, popular music, and theatre. Like a musical kaleidoscope, multiple universes combine, creating an unexplored path between the worlds of creation and entertainment.