Didaktika for young audience : the making of a show

Aimed at young audiences aged 5 and up, the youth component of the Didaktika project takes young audiences backstage at the show L’Archipel aux mille sons and leads them through all the steps leading to the creation and performance of a show. Created in collaboration with La Puce à L’oreille, this series of 5 episodes of 10 minutes describes the journey of the different creators. From the construction of the story to the making of the costumes and instruments, through the rehearsals and the final performance, Sixtrum’s musicians lead young people to discover the secrets of a stage production.

A podcast for rythm lovers

Sixtrum is launching a series of audio documentaries around percussion. The episodes are organized around a theme and we invite several personalities to reflect with us, from different backgrounds and disciplines. Didaktika takes a broad approach to rhythm in its various facets: rhythm in poetry, the impact of timbre, the “played-together” in percussion ensembles, the making of the instrumentarium, etc. A vast program for a notion that is no less vast.