Dans ma valise

Dans ma valise (”In my suitcase”) is an improvisation show with actors and percussionists. It takes place in the street, with suitcases of different sizes and colors, each of which contains instruments, props and instructions that launch the improvisers into various themes. The suitcases propose starting situations (station platform, subway platform, American customs, airport check-in, grandma’s attic) which are pretexts for various improvisations; a master of ceremonies will play the master of time, helped by a large chronometer dial that the improvisers will try to thwart with humor and good humor.

First performance: September 2021, Montreal (spaces in front of the McCord Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts)

Family show

Duration : 4 sets of 20 min each

outside / inside performance



João Catalão
Philip Hornsey
Kristie Ibrahim
Fabrice Marandola
Sandra Joseph (invitée)

ACTORS (2022)

Nicholas Bourdon-Fontaine
Lor Shirley Tran
Marianne Desjardins

ACTORS (2021)

Romane Bonpunt
Michael Dubé
Julien Bouchard-Claessens

Director and facilitator : Michel G. Barette


Fabrice Marandola
associate artistic director

Aurélie Suberchicot
music promotion and communication


Biography and photos