L’Archipel aux mille sons
The archipelago of a thousand sounds

A coproduction with Le Vivier

The percussion ensemble SIXTRUM takes young spectators on an exploration of its Archipelago of a thousand sounds.

Three percussionists stop on each of these imaginary islands to discover music that is at turns intimate and exuberant, sailing from one to the other on musical themes inspired by water and wind.

Each stopover allows the exploration of musical timbres and unique musical creations, in a staging that uses object theater and shadow puppets.

Poetic, inventive and festive, this show, specially designed for the youngest, is a wide-open door to the incredible richness of contemporary percussion, and an invitation to travel in the musical imagination of SIXTRUM.

Sixtrum is a member of Le Vivier since 2008.

Musique Claquante – Olivier Tremblay Noël
Ari Tintal – trans. Hindustani – arr. Olivier Tremblay Noël
Pièces de Gestes (excerpt) – Thierry De Mey – arr. Sixtrum
Entrando pelos Canos – Hermeto Pascoal – arr. Sixtrum
The Feast of the Fishes – João Catalão
Planetary Lullaby – João Catalão
S@mbra – Francisco Abreu – arr. João Catalão
Mkwajungwoma – traditional Wagogo Gogo – arr. Fabrice Marandola
Spiral – João Catalão – arr. Sixtrum

Audience : 3 to 5 years

Duration : 25 to 30 minutes (no intermission)

Capacity : 30 pers.


Huizi Wang
João Catalão
Fabrice Marandola
Kristie Ibrahim

Stage design : Elisabeth Bosquet



Fabrice Marandola
associate artistic director

Aurélie Suberchicot
communication & music promotion