6 musicians
6 composers
6 dimensions of percussion

Sixtrum invites you to discover the new version of its 6D program. 6D(2) is still a show based on essential works from the percussion repertoire but also on the group’s creations.

Of course, we will find classics of percussion music, revisited by the ensemble (Drumming by Steve Reich, Pulau Dewata by Claude Vivier, 3rd construction by John Cage). Arrangements of traditional music and orchestrations (Fabrice Marandola), but also and above all original compositions by Sixtrum members (João Catalão, Julien Compagne, Sixtrum). All of this will be directed and staged by a faithful collaborator of the group, Michel G. Barette, who has previously worked on the staging of La Grande Tortue, Mauricio Kagel’s Exotica, Histoires de gestes and Rythmopolis.

6D(2) is a kaleidoscope of diverse musical influences, aimed at connoisseurs but also at the curious who will be attracted by the discovery of another face of percussion, at the frontier of new music, theater and popular music.


(2013 – creation) Sixtrum

Third Construction
(1941) J. Cage

Painting With Breath
(2000) D. Downes, arr. Sixtrum

Pulau Dewata
(1977) C. Vivier, orch. F. Marandola

Voyage au Québec
(2013 – creation) Sixtrum

Lucida ou Cinica?
(2013 – creation) J. Catalão

Drumming, mvt 1
(1971 – extract) S. Reich

(2013 – creation) Traditional Wagogo Gogo, arr. F. Marandola
(based on transcriptions by P. Vallejo)

(2013 – creation) J. Compagne

Duration : 1h10


João Catalão
Charles Chiovato-Rambaldo
Philip Hornsey
Kristie Ibrahim
Fabrice Marandola
Huizi Wang


Fabrice Marandola
Associate artistic director

Aurélie Suberchicot
Communication and music promotion