Philip HornseyPhilip Hornsey

When I was younger, I preferred alternative music over pop.  In a way, contemporary music plays a similar role - it’s an alternative to classical.

Philip Hornsey chose to play drum set at 13 years old, after his best friend bought a guitar.  Their ska band existed three years, but Hornsey’s passion for percussion is still strong today.

Introduced to free jazz by his teacher in high school, he discovered contemporary music at McGill University with Pierre Béluse and D’Arcy Gray.  After residencies in Germany and in Banff, he completed a master’s degree at the University of Montreal.

Through his work as a freelance percussionist with the Metropolitan Orchestra and I Musici, he maintains a link with classical repertoire, but at the heart of his calling, is contemporary music.

Involved with the Montreal Contemporary Ensemble for more than 15 years, he is also a member of Bradyworks, Ensemble Kore, duo Kovalis (piano and percussion), and he plays often with the NEM.

His explorations in the world of cinema, dance and theatre complement his experience, marked by a desire to discover new sounds, and a curiosity about his audience members.

At the same time, he has just started his studio, Timpano Percussion, where he continues to collaborate with artists from the underground scene where he took his own first steps.

This enterprise corresponds to his DIY approach to percussion; a practice that has allowed him to realize many of his own projects.

When I was younger, I dreamed about buying a van and travelling to play across Canada.  With Sixtrum, that’s sort of what we do:  we move around to be closer to our audiences, offering our shows in our own way