Sixtrum and guest pianist Pamela Reimer are blurring the lines between percussion and piano, between original works and transcriptions, in a program dedicated to composers Claude Vivier and György Ligeti. Montreal composers John Rea, with his virtuosic transcriptions of Ligeti’s early piano studies for Sixtrum, and Chris-Paul Harman, with a creation that evokes the figure of Beethoven, will also contribute. Pierre Béluse’s orchestration of Claude Vivier’s Cinq chansons, originally composed for solo percussion, will complete the program.

March 16th, 7:30 PM




Pierre Béluse | Aikea (2010) | arr. of  Cinq Chansons de Claude Vivier (1980), originally written for solo percussion – 5 movements

Claude Vivier | Shiraz (1976) | piano solo

Giorgy Ligeti | Etudes pour piano (1978) , selection (Premier livre, 1985 ; Deuxième livre, 1988-94; Troisième livre, 1995-2001). Transcription from piano to percussion by John Rea.
Pieces performed by Sixtrum (arr. John Rea) :
Désordre (1), Ligeti /Rea (2011)
Cordes à vides (2), Ligeti /Rea (2009)
Fanfares (4), Ligeti /Rea (2011)
Arc-en-ciel (5), Ligeti /Rea (2009)

Pieces performed by Pamela Reimer :
Galamb Borong (7), Ligeti
Fém (8), Ligeti
White on white (15), Ligeti
Canon (18), Ligeti

Chris Paul Harman | …we no longer worship at the alter [sic] of Beethoven….  | creation (2023)



João Catalão
Alexander Haupt
Philip Hornsey
Kristie Ibrahim

Alexandre Lavoie
Fabrice Marandola
Huizi Wang